Advocacy group plans to expand West Coast Express services – BC

Advocacy group plans to expand West Coast Express services - BC

A group of citizens are calling for an expansion of TransLink’s West Coast Express service as the Lower Mainland’s population grows and gas prices soar.

The West Coast Express currently operates Monday through Friday serving communities from Mission to Downtown Vancouver.

The advocacy group would like to see the service expanded to seven days a week.

“We just want to make better use of the current train system without investing in infrastructure, and make better use of the track,” said Harvey Su, the founder of the West Coast Express Expansion Association.

They would like to see a pilot program such as a test run of trains running from Port Coquitlam to Vancouver or increasing the service by one or two hours in the morning and evening.

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Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart said a new rail line might be an answer.

“A third track would allow for more flexibility. The priority of the existing rail is freight.”

A statement from TransLink said that from September 12, an additional car will be added to each of the two busiest trains.

TransLink also said there are currently no plans to expand the service further, but staff are monitoring passenger numbers, which they say are currently at 40 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

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