Bills reportedly making a decision on Matt Araiza for tonight’s game

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PITTSFORD, NEW YORK – JULY 24: Matt Araiza #19 of the Buffalo Bills punters during Bills training camp at Saint John Fisher University on July 24, 2022 in Pittsford, New York. (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills will not trot out rookie gambler Matt Araiza for tonight’s preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers.

Yesterday, a lawsuit filed in San Diego County Superior Court accused Araiza and two of his former university teammates of gang raping a 17-year-old girl at an off-campus party in October 2021.

The Bills waited less than two hours before kick-off to make this call.

The Bills selected Araiza in a sixth round of this year’s draft. He won the team’s preseason punting game and would start next season for the Buffalo organization.

According to reports from ESPN, the attorney responsible for filing the lawsuit notified the Bills of the impending lawsuit as early as late July. The Buffalo organization has not contacted the victim, according to further reports from The athletic.

After the lawsuit was made public on Thursday, the Bills released a statement say the organization had “conducted a thorough investigation of this matter”.

Although he will not play in tonight’s preseason game, Araiza is in the Bank of America Stadium building.

Araiza and his lawyer deny these horrific allegations, but the “Point God” allowed to have sex with the underage girl on a recorded phone call.

The Bills kick off at 7pm ET against the Panthers.

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