Crowds of fans gather for sold-out Taylor Swift performance at TIFF

Crowds of fans gather for sold-out Taylor Swift performance at TIFF

Fans gathered around the Toronto International Film Festival headquarters for a Taylor Swift performance, including many devotees unable to get tickets to the sold-out event.

Hordes Swifties packed up part of the so-called “Festival Street” to get up close to the pop star ahead of the event, who will debut her short film “All Too Well” on 35 millimeter film before being interviewed onstage by TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey.

Some were decked out in Swift’s merchandise, while others carried poster boards with messages scribbled on them.

One sign read, “Taylor is my hero,” while another read, “Taylor, we came from Mexico to see you!”

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Seventeen-year-old Daphne Short, who came to the event with her boyfriend, says she couldn’t get tickets but just wanted to show up just in case.

She says the duo wrote Swift a letter during their commute telling her that they are members of the Taylor Swift fan club at their school and congratulating her on the short film.

They folded it into a small square and wrote “for: Taylor Swift” on the front under a photo they drew of a fairy.

Meanwhile, fans online disapproved of the limited tickets, with some tagging the musician and asking for handouts.

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