Selena Gomez’s Manicure Reveals The Earthy Nail Polish The Singer Would Rock This Fall

Selena Gomez's Manicure Reveals The Earthy Nail Polish The Singer Would Rock This Fall

Selena Gomezold manicure, Tom Bachik, reveals the earthy tone the singer, actress and businesswoman will be rocking during sweater weather season. “Olive this color on @selenagomez,” he wrote on social media alongside a photo of Gomez’s fresh manicure.

In conversation with To tempt, the expert reveals that the gel nail polish Selena is wearing on the snap is named CND Shellac in the shade Olive Grove. According to Tom, he shaped her nails like a squoval with the file from the Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set.

Tom Bachik

Selena, known for going viral on TikTok almost weekly, may be starting this year’s list of must-haves for fall nail polish. “Sel chose the color. She loved it,” says Bachik.

To prepare you for the upcoming season, which is fast approaching in September in the United States, we’ve put together a list of similar shades that will help you achieve the Selena Gomez look.

Lights Lacquer Eternal Gobstopper

The secret to the perfectly polished look is Lights Lacquer’s oval, round flat brush. It provides a perfectly smooth application and is great for nail beds of all sizes.

Orly Clover And Over

This beautiful shimmery polish has a hint of green to keep you from getting pinched. If you’re going all out with themed nail art or just looking for a gorgeous shade of green, Clover and Over is the one for you.

Cirque Colors Olive Jelly

Olive Jelly is an olive green jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. Who said olives are just for martinis? Steal the show with this elegant, earthy, neutral nail polish with crocodile moss jelly. This army green nail polish is soft yet striking with its high gloss finish and a hint of khaki undertones. It would be a shame not to try this one.

essie Power of nature

This deep forest green nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish has a salon-quality formula for impeccable coverage and glossy shine.

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