Shakira walks around with a bloody heartbeat while filming a music video with Ozuna

Shakira walks around with a bloody heartbeat while filming a music video with Ozuna

Shakira may be in a complicated situation personally and legally, but the Colombian singer continues to ensure that her career is not tarnished by the turmoil. The global sensation was recently caught on the streets of Manresa, in Catalonia, when she shot the music video for her new song alongside Ozuna.


Although the official name of the song paparazzi is unknown, Jordi Martin speculates that the song could be taken as a hint to Shakira’s ex, Gerard Pique. Based on the shooting plate, the track could be called “Monotonia”.

rename Shakira and Ozuna "Monotonia"GrosbyGroup

While in Catalonia, the artist supposedly walked around with a gory heartbeat for the video.

The Puerto Rican and Dominican reggaeton star was in the area filming alongside the mother of two. According to marcathe collaboration is Ozuna’s dream come true, and Shakira has been his “crush” all his life.

Delighted by the experience of working with one of the most influential women in the music industry, Ozuna took to Twitter to dedicate a loving message to her: “How beautiful you are @shakira,” he signed with a bear- emoji.

rename Shakira and Ozuna "Monotonia"GrosbyGroup

In the summer, the global sensation released her latest hit “Te felicito” (ft. Raw Alejandro), a song that premiered while saying goodbye to her children’s father.

Once the song went viral, social media users started decoding it and came up with various theories claiming that Shakira used the song as a cathartic and hid various messages from her ex.

Whether the theories are true or not, Gerard has moved from Shakira and is now dating one of his associates. The footballer recently went public with his new girl, 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti. The new couple was seen very affectionate at Summerfest Cerdanya.

Gerard and Clara were also spotted together in June but have not been paired up until now. According to Marca, the athlete and Chía Martí would have met at Kosmos, Piqué’s company where she works in Public Relations. The publication reported that she is still studying.

Despite all the turmoil, Shakira’s mother assures her that she is doing well. “Shakira is fine, thank goodness,” revealed Nidia Ripoll, adding that the singer found shelter with her children. Weeks ago, rumors spread that Shakira was planning to return to Miami; Ripoll, however, says she is unaware. “I have no idea; I haven’t talked about it,” she assures.

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