The Regina family helps children in need with $7K bags, back-to-school supplies

The Regina family helps children in need with $7K bags, back-to-school supplies

Weeks before the kids go back to school, a family sticks to their tradition of paying it forward. For five years, Amanda McCall and her children find a way to give back to their community by giving away a school backpack to children in need. This year their donations have doubled from previous years.

McCall collected 225 backpacks to give out, compared to 100 from last year’s giveaway — all thanks to community members who helped out to help with the initiative.

“I’ve gotten a lot of community support over the years,” McCall said. “(My friend Robin) did a fundraiser for a set of Beats headphones and raised $400 to buy supplies. Trevor from Hello Delivery (who) runs his own delivery service… and on his own page for every like he donated $2 to us, and it grew quickly. He donated over $700 to us… Location Staples East donated over $1,300 in supplies to fill the backpacks. Wheaton Chevrolet on North Albert Street donated $1,000 to buy new backpacks and supplies to fill the gaps.”

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McCall follows a list of school supplies and labels each backpack according to rank. Every backpack comes with a packed lunch with everything from juice boxes to granola bars. Each backpack is worth $30. In total, McCall had nearly $7,000 to buy backpacks, school supplies, and the school lunch.

“I’ve seen kids fall through the cracks and I just wanted to do something to help,” McCall said. “I’ve always taught my kids that not everyone is as lucky as we are. They go to school every year with brand new supplies. And now they see that kids don’t always have that opportunity, and they like to give back, just like me.”

McCall’s 15-year-old daughter Emily remembers taking this initiative with her family since they first started five years ago. It’s something Emily likes to do with her mother and sisters to help other children who may not be less fortunate.

“When I was younger, I was shocked that people needed so much help. I was like, ‘Wow, not everyone understands this,'” she said. “It makes me feel really good to know that people actually use the supplies we give… (people) are very grateful for the supplies and help they get.”

McCall posts online at various locations in North Central and the Northwest for backpack pick-ups.

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