Tom Brady Is Rehearsing Amid ‘The Masked Singer’ Conspiracy Theory Again

Tom Brady Is Rehearsing Amid 'The Masked Singer' Conspiracy Theory Again

Tom Brady has given football fans a whirlwind of emotions. After becoming famous and failing to retire earlier this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took an 11-day break from preseason training camp for a “personal matter.” Brady was back in practice on Monday, but the unexpected absence caused fans to come up with theories, many convinced he was filming for season 8 of The masked singer.

Buccaneers quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Tom Brady Aug 22

So how did The Masked Singer’s theory come about? Like all good conspiracies – Reddit. A Reddit user named CANN0NFIRE started the thorough thread, which has since gone viral and actually has some compelling evidence.

Illustrated Sports helped break down the theory, which begins with the break being “pre-approved” and scheduled for training camp. “We trust him,” said Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles. “He’s going to handle some personal things. This is something we talked about before the training camp started.”

The next point of evidence is that Brady recently signed a $375 million 10-year contract with Fox to become a football analyst after retiring from the NFL. This is important because The Masked Singer airs on Fox.

While that may be a coincidence, they then looked up all the shooting dates for The Masked Singer and found that shooting ends on August 20. Since the contestants don’t have to be on set every day to film the show, it’s immersive.

Plus, athletes have been on the show before, such as Brady’s former teammates, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown.

The Reddit theory has run amok, with Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff bringing it up on live television last week. “Hopefully Tom Brady will still be on The Masked Singer by the time we go to Tampa in November,” Domhoff joked during the Rams-Texans game on Aug. 19, per Ramsiwre. “So if that’s the case, we might have a chance,” he added.

Football analyst Kendall Valenzuela even went into the theory. “I don’t think Tom Brady can tell anyone where he is because he’s a contestant on The Masked Singer.” She said in a video on Twitter.

While Brady has stayed tight over the break. The Masked Singer’s official IG account expanded on the theory by sharing a video featuring a headline, soccer trophies, and a goat. “The news is spiraling out of control,” they wrote in the cheeky caption.

Whether or not Brady was on The Masked Singer, Brady is back on the field. ESPN’s Jenna Laine wrote on Twitter on Monday: “Tom Brady is back in the building and is expected to practice today.”

So what do you think? Will Tom Brady Be The Masked Singer?

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