Vehicle, hunting knives, chainsaw stolen from Penticton, BC home while family slept

Vehicle, hunting knives, chainsaw stolen from Penticton, BC home while family slept

It was a scary start for a family in Penticton, BC, who woke up Sunday morning to find thieves in their home.

Penticton resident Nikki Evans said thieves broke into her parents’ home along Fairford Drive and stole their vehicle, a cell phone and hunting equipment — including knives, a chainsaw and other items.

The family believe the burglars entered the downstairs suite where Evans’ sister lives, then went upstairs to the main house.

“They came around the back of the house, opened the door and turned on every light, maybe even (my sister’s) room — she thinks (they) opened the door, but she didn’t hear them,” Evans said.

According to Evans, her parents and sister were asleep at the time, but Evans’ sister awoke when she heard them close the door separating her suite from the laundry room.

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“She realized someone was there, panicked and then realized she had left her hunting gear on the table and knew her knives were in there to hunt. (She) immediately thought someone might hurt Mom and Dad and she went upstairs,” Evans said.

“Everyone was fine, thank God, and when they went out, no one was there.”

The family believes the thieves were deterred halfway through the break-in because some items stolen from the house were piled up in the driveway.

The break-in happened around 4 a.m. and Evans received a panicked phone call shortly after.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s scary. We live a few blocks away in a townhouse – it’s just chilling. You don’t feel safe in your own home,” she added.

Everyone in the house at the time of the break-in was unharmed, but Evans’ father, Daryl Tarr, said they were all shaken up.

“It takes a while to sink in,” Tarr said. “All of a sudden you start to think, oh my god, they were in my house. What would have happened if we had come out if they had been there?”

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Evans posted the missing vehicle to Facebook and just a few hours later the car was located about a block away with no outside damage.

“Social media saved the day here,” Evans said.

“Someone I know texted me around 3:15 PM and said, ‘I just got home from a day out on the town and your parents’ car is in front of my house.'”

However, a stolen phone, credit cards, the car keys, a chainsaw and hunting equipment have not been recovered.

“Our credit cards and phone have been cancelled. We also had to have our locks changed right away, and when the man came he said it probably won’t make you feel better, but you’re not alone today,” Tarr said.

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After this incident, Evans wants to remind the residents to be vigilant.

“A warning to people to make sure everything is locked down. It’s very clear that these people check windows and doors every night,” Evans says.

“Three weeks ago a friend of mine was living across town and someone cut their screen out of their window and broke into their house and did the same thing.”

Global News has contacted Penticton RCMP for more information about the break-ins.

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