What to Watch: 7 Movies and Shows with Queen Elizabeth

What to Watch: 7 Movies and Shows with Queen Elizabeth

There is a lot to stream these days. Hoping to help you watch more great movies and TV, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest titles streaming every week across all platforms. Today, we recommend TV shows and movies that feature Queen Elizabeth, who passed away on September 9 at the age of 96.

Spencer (Hulu)

Princess Diana has been explored to an almost tedious extent in movies and novels, something that “Spencer” uses to his advantage. The film is a fictionalized account of Diana’s Christmas in 1991, a time when her relationship with Prince Charles is reaching a boiling point, and plays like a psychological horror story. Kristen Stewart is amazing in the lead role.

The Crown (Netflix)

The British monarchy has inspired countless adaptations, perhaps not as popular and beloved as Netflix’s The Crown. The series, which aired in 2016 for its first season, has since won numerous awards and is the perfect choice for anyone interested in Queen Elizabeth II, following her reign and encompassing the many controversies and complications that have arisen over the course of her life. occurred. to live.

The Princess (HBO Max)

If you’re looking for something more factual, “The Princess” is the latest documentary to tackle Princess Diana’s legacy. The documentary uses recently revealed testimonials and rare archival footage to weave the story.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

If you’re looking for a movie that broaches royal subjects while completely out there, ‘Churchill: The Hollywood Years’ will do the trick. The film is a satire with Neve Campbell as the queen and follows Hitler who wants to marry the Windsors. It certainly takes some real-world licenses, but nothing else quite like it.

The Queen (HBO Max)

“The Queen” stars Helen Mirren and follows the Queen and the Royal Family in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death.

Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts (Paramount+)

“Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts” is for the most die-hard royal fans, following the life and reign of the Queen and painting the monarch in a generally positive light.

A royal night out (Paramount+)

“A Royal Night Out” gives the royal family a romantic comedic twist, starring a teenage queen Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Princess Margaret (Call Powley) as they escape their mother for a night out in London as Europe celebrates the end of World War II.

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