Why Vivica A. Fox Didn’t Talk to Jada Pinkett Smith After Criticizing Her Response to Oscars Slap

Why Vivica A. Fox Didn't Talk to Jada Pinkett Smith After Criticizing Her Response to Oscars Slap

It seems Vivica A. Fox has changed her take on the controversial Oscars blow, after sharing her thoughts on it in June and criticizing Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction to the incident during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show. The Hollywood star now says Will Smith deserves a second chance.


“I wish we could take a little more responsibility and it wouldn’t seem so self-righteous on Jada’s part, and that’s my feeling,” she said earlier when asked about the situation.

Fans of the actress recall that Jada and Vivica starred together in the 1996 films ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Set It Off’.

And while she admitted she hadn’t spoken to Jada after her June interview, she talked about her friendship with her and Will at the California premiere of “The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure.”

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“Listen, I love Will Smith. He is one of my favorite people on Earth. We all make mistakes. If there’s one person who deserves a second chance, it’s him. I think he took full responsibility for his actions and he apologized,” she said, adding that she thinks “they’re just really going through a season of healing right now.”

She concluded by saying she hopes “we can all move on with the incident and learn that it should never happen again, especially on such a big stage.”

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